Categoria: Politics

  • Trump Rat-New York

    Photo Niyi Fote/Thenews2   A blown up Trumprat was put a block away from Trump Tower near the central park,New York on the 19th of July,2018,,thus attracting lots of people,mostly tourist to take pictures and selfies.It was however removed a…


    BANCADA EVANGELICA EN PIE DE GUERRA CONTRA LEYES LAICISISTAS DEJADAS E IMPUESTAS POR ADMINISTRACION DE BACHELET JOURNALISM·MARTES, 19 DE JUNIO DE 2018 Identidad de Género: Comisión Mixta aprobó cambio de sexo registral para menores de 14 años La Comisión Mixta…

  • Lula, Protests and Imprisonment

    The Ex President of Brazil,Lula da Silva has been the center of attractions in all States of Brazil and around the world.. People were protesting in favor and against until his final surrender to the Federal Police in Curitiba,where he…

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