DMM Eletrotecnica

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Electrical Installations, Electrical installations Predial, Commercial, Industrial and
Hospital; Mounting of Electrotechnels, Pipes and profiles; Reform and Replacement of
Electrical Circuits; Lighting in general; Primary cabins and Stations processing;
SPDA; Installation of machinery and equipment; Power distribution panels; Control
and control panels; Nobreaks Maintenance Contracts; Preventive, Corrective
and Predictive Maintenance.

Projects and Reports

Technical reports on electrical installations NR10; | Reports of SPDA;
Electrical installation projects, Architectural Projects, Nr’s courses.

DMM ELETROTÉCNICA is a service provider, founded by highly specialized professionals in its
business segments, thus guaranteeing reliability and guarantee in the services provided.
We are a company specialized in maintenance and electrical installation in general, we serve
the Hospital, Industrial, Commercial and Predial sectors.

+55 (11) 9 8597-7794

+55 (11) 9 5404-5636


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