The Life of a Gypsy Photographer.

Otavio Sobrinho

Otavio Sobrinho Cigano is the son of an immigrant mother and father in Brazil, a Portuguese gypsy. He started photography at the age of 13 with a fee, but before that, he helped his father in gypsy parties and Portuguese folklore. Dealing with garments in Portugal, he brought the art of printing to Rio de Janeiro and set up his first brand. He studied Fashion and developed art with photography. Traveling with his plastic art (visual artist) around the world, he photographed fashion weeks in several countries, until he asked for his accreditation through Monica Mendes, who took care of international aspects for Paulo Borges. It started before Sao Paulo Fashion Week, Morumbi fashion, fitoervas inaugurated. Unbeaten to the edition of São Paulo Fashion Week, he has been doing pit, social, backstage, queue for years, and all the incredible moments he manages to capture in São Paulo fashion. As a spiritist, Otavio believes in energy, positivity and charity. Always with a friendly word, he transforms photography and sees people’s souls with fractions of moments of seconds, which retains that energy of joy. Moments of euphoria for a new face or moments of glory for a top model, makeup artist and photographer where they take place in the same place.

By Niyi Fote/Thenews2

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