Green Pass maybe valid for 1 year and third dose in Italy.

Photo of Bathers at Rimini Beach. By Josi Donelli/Thenews2

So far, in Italy, almost 77 million doses have been administered: 69% of the population over 12 years old has completed the cycle. The 5-day anti-Covid quarantine is no longer in effect for travelers arriving from the UK, provided they are vaccinated and tested negative.
In Rimini, the movement is still intense, many tourists come and go to enjoy their holidays.
The Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, signed the ordinance that sanctions the passage of Sicily to the yellow zone. The Cts (Technical Scientific Committee) gave the green light to extend the Green Pass for up to 12 months.

Currently, the green certificate is valid for nine months – from the date of completion of the vaccination cycle – and, if the Ministry of Health’s green light becomes the norm, it will be extended for another year and has the possibility of approval by the Third dose.

By Josi Donelli/The News2

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