“Cosmetics market grows in Brazil with Ricardo Bortoletto”

Ricardo Bortoletto. Photo by FortSoul/Thenews2

Successful businessman Ricardo Bortoletto surprised Brazil with the announcement made through his social networks last June 3rd.

The founder and former partner of Amakha Paris, left the business of his own free will, surprising everyone, when he claimed to have lost his autonomy in the very company he developed from scratch, in partnership with his ex-wife.

In the video, Bortoletto shows total dissatisfaction with the dynamic they were adopting in the company, not being able to help all the people involved, thus giving up and creating two successful businesses under the name FORTSOUL BORTOLETTO.

Fine Perfumes and Chocolates

The perfect combination of fine chocolates and perfumes that will touch the soul and give the air of grace at Fortsoul.
Known as the largest businessman and producer of fine perfumes for Multilevel Marketing in Brazil, Ricardo combined business with pleasure.

Chocolate lover, it was an old desire to bring something different to the market.

“I love chocolates and bringing this product, it will be a great opportunity to generate income for all those who are with us on this new road. I do everything with great love, I follow each step closely to ensure total quality in our products,” emphasizes Ricardo.

Cleide Bortoletto, wife of the president of Buckingham Parfum, also demonstrates satisfaction in bringing to the market news for the multilevel.

“Seeing my husband’s dedication, I can say with great certainty that we will transform many lives with our products. Buckingham Parfum was all developed by Ricardo, who has expertise and makes a point of following all the steps.

Perfumes that are inspired by big brands, have the Bortoletto touch of quality, longer fixation time for an affordable price for everyone,”completes Cleide.

In contact with the entrepreneur, he says he is impressed and happy with the development of this new business, there are already more than 16 thousand registrations made in his online office platform.

“This is a reflection of a work done with great seriousness and love; I put love in everything I do. Seeing the growth of something done with all the dedication, encourages us to always bring the best every day. I was in Mexico with my wife, my Cleidinha, I caught my breath and thought: Let’s go to the fight!” the manager vented.

By Niyi Fote/Thenews2

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