New York City Subway will shut down overnight for the first time since 1904.

Photo Niyi Fote/Thenews2

The Governor of New York, Andre Cuomo and Bill de Blasio, Mayor of New York City both announced on Thursday April 30 the New York City Subway will stop service from 1am to 5am every day from May 6 to disinfect the trains amid Coronavirus pandemic.

The trains would undergo cleaning every 24 hours during this shutdown and alternative services like buses and vans would be available free of charge to essential workers to move around. This is the first time since its existence right from 1904,that the train service would be halted overnight .

Photo Niyi Fote /Thenews2

However,about 2,269 MTA (Metropolitan Transit Authority) workers have been diagnosed with coronavirus and 59 dead so far and with this shut down period of 4 hours,effort will be made to disinfect the trains and its surroundings,principally to protect the MTA workers from further contracting the virus and also to stop the spread of the Covid-19.

There are complains of homeless people sleeping in the trains at night and the existence of trash in some of the cars . 

Photo Niyi Fote /Thenews2

So, the MTA workers in joint partnership with the NYPD are working relentlessly talking and finding the best way to help remove these homeless from the trains and getting them to better shelter. 

By Niyi Fote /Thenews2 

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