COVID-19 Quarantine in Leganés city of Madrid.

Leganés -Madrid amid COVID-19
Photo Keyla Mello/Thenews2

This beautiful city is on quarentine for more than fifteen days. Just essential services are allowed to be opened for people to buy necessary stuff to survive and the Police is on the street to force people who don’t follow the orientation.The fine is from €500 euros to €2.000. The bakeries and some some stores adopt a system in which just one person can get into their stores each turn. Last night people applauded health professionals for their wonderful services all across the country and it was a way to be thankfull to them.
By Sabrina Souza /Thenews2

One customer at a time into the bakery in Leganés amid COVID-19.
Photo Keyla Mello/Thenews2

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