With 15 deaths to Coronavirus in São Paulo,the Governor determines a 15 days quarantine..

Governor of São Paulo,Joao Doria.
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The Governor of the state,João Doria determined quarantine in all 645 municipalities in the state starting on Tuesday (24). For 15 days, the measure imposes the closing of business, except essential services of food, supply, health, banks, cleaning and security.

The quarantine was announced early on Saturday afternoon (21), in a press conference at Palácio dos Bandeirantes. The decree detailing the prohibitions and exceptions will be published in an extraordinary edition in the Official Gazette of the State. “This implies the determination, that is, the obligation to close all non-essential business and services to the population. This measure can be renewed, extended or suppressed if necessary, ”said the Governor.The measure aims to protect public health and reduce the spread of the coronavirus.

The closing of the business affects all stores with face-to-face service, including bars, restaurants, cafes and snack shops.Establishments that serve food and drinks at tables or counters will only be able to take orders by phone or delivery services.

Only establishments with face-to-face service that provide essential services will remain open – quarantine does not affect the operation of industries. The decree signed by the Governor lists the exceptions in six distinct categories.

In health services, hospitals, clinics – including dental ones – and pharmacies are allowed to operate. In the food sector, supermarkets, hypermarkets, butcheries and bakeries can operate – which will not allow consumption in the establishment during quarantine.

In the supply sector, carriers, warehouses, gas stations, workshops, public transport, taxis, transportation applications, call center services, pet shops and newsstands can operate normally

The other sectors that may offer services during the quarantine are: private security companies; cleaning, maintenance and janitorial companies; banks, lotteries and banking correspondents.

According to the Governor,the state and city halls will supervise the compliance of the quarantine .He also said that agglomerations and open-air parties, such as the so-called “pancadões”, are considered illegal and should be restrained by the Military Police not only in greater São Paulo, but also in the country side and coast of the state.
The Secretary of State for Health, José Henrique Germann Ferreira, reported that the state had 396 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 15 deaths – all in the capital – as a result of the disease until early Saturday afternoon.

By Niyi Fote/Thenews2

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