Coronavírus Covid – 19 has claimed 19 lives in California.

Mission Valley Mall -California.
Photo Yanick Lombox/Thenews2

The people in California are very concerned about Coronavirus in the entire state and last Thursday,the Governor,Gavin Newson asked everyone to stay at home as the number of deaths to Coronavirus continued to increase and has now reached 19 and 958 have tested positive to the vírus. In San Diego the biggest mall Fashion Valley has closed and another mall,Mission Valley, in the same neighborhood is opened from 11 am to 7 pm but it is totally empty like those pictures shows. In San Francisco a Brazilian girl poses for pictures in the most important avenue that is now totally empty.This avenue is the one that leads to the Golden Gate Bridge. People are afraid of being robbed and the guns sales have increased in the state. The once crowded and busy state is now empty and like a ghost state.
By Sabrina Souza/Thenews2

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