Coronavírus COVID-19 in Italy.

Milan-Italy amid Corona VirusCOVID-19.
Photo Erika Moreira/Thenews2

Part of Italy is in Isolation until April 3rd,2020.

The Government of Italy has decreed an Isolation measure because of the increase in the new Coronavirus in the Lombardy region, including the country’s economic capital, Milan and 11 more Provinces. Today at around 6:30 pm, in Piazzale Loreto, in the center of Milan, you can see the deserted city at a time that before you could not even walk and imagine passing by car. In stores you can see employees wearing masks and gloves to protect themselves from the Coronavirus, and outside the pharmacy you can see long queue of people and it is necessary to keep a distance of 1 meter from person to person .The stores closed at 6 pm, MC Donald’s a great fast food store that is open 24 hours in Milan and is closed due to the virus. In the Metropolitan Region of Loreto it is practically deserted at a time when it was crowded and sometimes people could not even get on the subway and had to wait for the next one to arrive with the hope of getting there.
By Josi Donelli/Thenews2

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