Attempted Bank Robbery in Grajaú,São Paulo

Bank of Brasil,Grajaú,SP
Photo Adeleke Anthony Fote/Thenews2

Photo: Adeleke Antony Fote

An attempted bank robbery this Monday morning,the 16th, ended in exchange of gunfire and blocking a stretch of Avenida Dona Belmira Marin, in Grajaú, in the south of the state capital. According to São Paulo Transporte (SPTrans), the occurrence affected 27 lines, which had their routes diverted. No one was hurt. According to the Military Police, a group of eight to ten armed men entered a bank of BRASIL branch on Avenida Dona Belmira Marim 1358,Parque planalto,Grajaú,São Paulo,around 5:10 am. With the arrival of the police, the robbers used two buses to close the avenue and fled. Gunfire was exchanged and two suspects were arrested for investigation. The case was registered in the 101st Police station (Jardim das Imbuias). SPTrans reported that detours were made to allow buses to travel around the region and the buses used by the robbers would be removed from circulation after police investigation.

By Niyi Fote/Thenews2

Photo: Adeleke A Fote

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