Claudiah debuts as SBT host and prepares new song

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The Brazilian singer Claudiah debuted as a TV presenter at VTV, a SBT affiliate that has reach more than 60 municipalities in the Campinas region, an important economic hub in the country side of São Paulo state.

She runs the “Musicalizando Geral com Claudiah” framework of the “Top Show” program where the goal is to bring guests from various segments for interviews and,of course, to present a lot of quality music.

Claudiah also prepares the release of her newest album by Festa Music / Aerbrasil / Som Livre, the EP called “Ritmos”, where she plays several divas and whose main track music production will be signed by Ney Marques, professional of the most sought after in the market. . “The idea is to show the full potential and eclecticism present at Claudiah. She is a versatile singer who performs with equal performance rock, pop, as well as songs in other languages ​​such as Italian and Spanish. A modern, multimedia artist of the work will have a different, striking feature,” says Marlene Querubin, businesswoman of the artist.

The tune of the two is clear even at the moment of composing. They sign the lyrics for “Free Roud,”a new work by the international interpreter, which will be presented to the public at an event in the state capital on December 5th.

Together, they were featured in the “Mulher Brilhante,”considered the largest female entrepreneurship event in the country, which took place from October 4th to 6th, in São Paulo. Claudiah was chosen to perform the theme song of the meeting, “Unstoppable” (Chris Braide / Sia), originally recorded by Australian Sia, and presented the tour show that toured Brazil.

And no one better than them, talented and successful, to represent women in such an important meeting.

About Claudiah
Claudiah is a latin american artist who, throughout her 25 years of career, excels in various artistic segments: circus, theater and music. Rocker by essence, she interprets all rhythms comfortably and does not hide her love for ADELE. Owner of a hoarse voice and a striking look, the singer recently stood out for the musical “Adele Tribute” and prepares her new album, “Ritmos,”which will be the basis for a new tour around the country and abroad.

About Marlene Querubin
Marlene Querubin is the best example of the multifaceted adjective. Entrepreneur, artistic businesswoman, circus, writer and composer,
is divided in its various functions between (few) 24h each day. As a writer, she has published several works, including “Circus Marketing,”
“Heart on Canvas” and “Magic Moments.”She is also the manager of Villa Mais, one of the most complete spaces in the capital of São Paulo when it comes to entertainment and founder and CEO of Circo Spacial, a national and international reference in the circus segment.

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