Lauana Prado records new DVD in São Paulo

Photo Leco Viana/Thenews2

And after her first DVD, Lauana Prado innovates and records her new work at Hopi Hari, in São Paulo.

When it comes to music, Lauana spares no strength in creating magnificent things.
Hopi Hari Park was the setting for the newest DVD that bears the name “Livre” (Free).

With guest appearances of Maneva, Fernando Zor (Fernando & Sorocaba), Bruno & Marrone and Matheus & Kauan, Lauana has done something totally different.

With two stages in different parts of the park, the space dynamics conveyed a feeling that the artist was really in the midst of her audience. Proximity to all who were present was extreme.

At some point, during the recording of the images, when it was necessary to change the stage, the singer would pass through the audience singing and captivating everyone who was there.

Something totally different from works already seen in the Brazilian music market.

The DVD has no date for commercialization, but success is already guaranteed.
By Victor Oliveira /Thenews2

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