Street League Skateboarding SLS 19 World Championship – Sao Paulo

Photo Leco Viana /Thenews2

This was a great Sunday! The event was amazing, a huge structure, great skateboarders like Nyjah Houston and the japanese Horigame, and good vibrations with Brazilian fans! A perfect celebration for the skateboard and one more step until the Olympic games! First the female final, with the little star Rayssa Leal (a.k.a fadinha), 11 years old, showing great tricks and leading the competition until the last stage, when her Brazilian friend Pamela Rosa hit a lovely trick and won the female final, with the support of the Brazilian fans! There was a fierce dispute among the men,Nyjah Houston, Horigame and the Portuguese Gustavo Ribeiro with average grade over 9. They hit unbelievable tricks with great accuracy.
With great tricks – and a little kindness of the judges – Nyjah Houston won one more stage of SLS World championship!

By Paulo Fajolli/Thenews2

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