“Live in Europe” newest DVD of Diego Faria in Portugal.

Diego Faria in Braga-Portugal.Photo Niyi Fote/Thenews2

Brazilian singer and songwriter Diego Faria owner of the eternal hit “Elas Ficam Loucas” meaning “They(women)Get Crazy” and who began his career writing at age 19 for names like Jorge and Mateus, Bruno and Marrone, Edson and Hudson, Cesar Menoti and Fabiano, João Bosco and Vinicius among other sertanejo singers,recorded his newest DVD titled “Live in Europe” last Thursday (15),the images were recorded in the city of Braga in Portugal where the singer is touring during the European summer.

With an invite-only audience and an intimate venue,the singer revealed during a press conference that he was already planning to record a DVD in Europe, particularly in Portugal where he makes roughly 40 shows annually.
“It is the realization of a big dream for me, to leave my country and conquer the world the way it happened, I hope with this new DVD I can do more shows also in my Brazil that breathes music”
The production was signed by Diego and Ed. Junior, who has already produced Bruno & Marrone, João Bosco & Vinícius, among other great names of sertanejo music world.
The new DVD will feature 9 unreleased tracks all by Diego and the hit song “Elas Ficam Loucas” in a new outfit that has consolidated the singer’s career to the world and has already hit more than 44 million views in the singer’s official YouTube channel.
“Since 2017 my career has been focused on shows in the United States and Europe where I also decided to study and dedicate myself to music and this DVD is coming back to my country. The expectation is very high, being my first DVD recorded outside Brazil is something very special. The repertoire is with songs that I wrote for the last two years, the way I want the world to know my talent even more, I’m sure everyone will enjoy it,”reveals Diego.
The release of the first song of this new project is scheduled for next September. In the meantime, remember the hit “Elas Ficam Loucas”:

By Jessica Leite /Thenews2

Photos Niyi Fote/Thenews2


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