Catalonia’s referendum viewed from Spain

Right now, in the autumn equinox, both Spaniards and people from the international community are staring with big attention to what happens in a ‘little country in the south of the Pyrenees’, just as Artur Mas, its ex president, referred to it some time ago. His successor, Carles Puidgemont, in the line of good humor, has decided not to take the Spanish Constitution too seriously and hold a referendum in order to decide if Catalonia stays in Spain or not; humoristic attitude that doesn’t raise laughter everywhere it goes: while some Catalonians are indeed pro-independence and are really sick of Spain, some of their neighbours, and, generally, the rest of Spain and the world, believe that this outrageous breaking of the law cannot drive the region to a good position. Economists and entrepreneurs warn about economical catastrophy if the independence finally happens. Countries of the EU condemn the lack of respect to the law, while some nationalist regions, like Scotland, support the referendum. Some public figures of Spain and Catalonia have expressed their rejection to it, the case of the world-famous tennis player Rafael Nadal or the singer Joan Manuel Serrat. But that must not let us forget that some other famous people, like Pep Guardiola, ex coach of Barcelona soccer team and current manager of Manchester United Football Club, are in favor of the illegal consultation. All the Don Quixote’s country is watching with great interest this harsh struggle between the central government and the generalitat’s one, led by a man who seems to be capable of doing anything to hold his referendum. Protest marches full of starry flags (the symbol of independent Catalonia) are taking place in Barcelona, the national police is having some trouble dealing with some protesters and confiscating illegal material for the consultation (planned to be held on October 1st,2017), and president Rajoy’s warnings don’t appear to affect Puidgemont and his team’s determination. The show is served; take a sit on your couch, get a bowl of hot popcorn and get ready for a boxing match between the law and the outlaws where the boxing ring is wallpapered with the pages of Spanish constitution.
By Javier de Torres/Thenews2/Spain

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