Deadly Terrorist Attack In London

On March 22,2017,one Khalid Masood;52 years old,plowed a rented car through pedestrians on Westminster bridge and crashed onto a fence of British Parliament immediately after.He got out of the car,stabbed and killed Keith Palmer a British Police Officer.A teacher who was walking home from school;Kurt Cochran,an American from Utah,celebrating 25 years of marriage with his wife Mellisa were killed also.Kurt`s wife however survived but had a broken leg,rib and a cut in her head.About 40 people of different nationalities were injured during this attack.Among the injured were 12 British,4 South Koreans, 3 French students,2 Romanians,2 Greeks,one Italian,one Irish,one American and one Chinese.Khalid was later shot and killed by British Police officers.What was really outstanding about Khalid was that,he had been under surveillance but not for terrorism and was arrested in 2003 for possession of knife.He was a British born in Kent,living in Midlands.This was the biggest attack after the 2005 July terror in London Public transportation that left 52 people dead.Many of the injured were taken to the hospitals and the Prime Minister, Theresa May, visited some of them in a hospital.The Mayor,Sadiq Khan paid tribute to the dead at Trafalgar Square.The Police as of now had arrested some people in Birmingham and other places in connections to this attack.According to the Police,this attack was a one person action.
By Niyi Fote

Photos Rildo Jaurez/Thenews2

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