Brazil`s Democracy at Risk:Hidden causes and unforseen consequencies of a “Quick-Fix” Impeachment.




Brazil`s Democracy at Risk.. Photo Niyi Fote
Brazil`s Democracy at Risk..
Photos Niyi Fote

The Brazilian Expats for democracy had a seminar on May 10,2016 at the AFL-CIO, Washington DC to point out the risk to Brazilian Democracy with the presence of many panelists moderated by ADA B.P Siqueira (Georgetown Law).Among the Panelists was James Early;Former Director of Cultural heritage Policy at the Center for Folklife and cultural heritage at the Smithsonian institue who defended President Dilma Rouseff, the legally and democratically elected President of Brazil..He is also a Fan of Lula ,the previous President of Brazil,whom he really admired rising from nowhere educationally and becoming President of Brazil, the third largest country with petroleum deposit…Other Panelists that talked on the danger of this actual impeachment and considering it a kind of “coup” were Mariana Joffily,Associate Proffesor,History Department,University of Santa Catarina,Brazil; Alex Main-Senior Associate for International Policy,Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR) and Ricardo Carneiro,Executive Director for Brazil,Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).There were questions from the audience,media and answers from the Panelists.There were some Videos sessions to help drive home the point and showing the danger of any impeachment of Dilma Rouseff;the actual Brazilian President. It is worth knowing that the Brazilian Senate led by its President, Renan Calheiros, voted on the 11th of May on the impeachment of the Dilma.
By Niyi Fote

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