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We try to bring the latest news to your doorsteps through Photography and Videos,with the help of our respected international reporters and photographers spread around the world.We cover any events any where around the world, ranging from Birthday Parties,Entertainment,Carnivals,Ceremonies,End of the Year Parties,Festivals,Fairs,Fashion Shows & Parades,Musical Shows,Politics,Paparazzi,Rodeos,Sports,TV Programs,Weddings etc.We accept job recommendations and partnership.Our PRICE is very reasonable and market oriented.We are 3 in 1; We provide News,sell Pictures and Videos of the latest things happening around the world as fast as possible.However,You can request for videos seen on our site or Youtube Channel ‘Thenews2″ by contacting us or through “Submit Articles” indicating the specific video.

Photo Sales/Jobs/Partnership:
To get in touch with us for any Job recommendations or Partnership or to Buy any of our Pictures (Shown on Photo Images of our site) for onward use in your news media vehicle,click on the “Submit Article” on our site,register and you will receive an email for confirmation and then special password.After that,you will have access to any of the pictures available for sale on Photo Images and feel free to download any of them.


We also announce and make known your companies or events on PUBLICITY page of our site with good prices starting from the lowest to the biggest.The minimum is a month contract.And we provide you with the public visits graph to your site either on weekly or monthly basis. A trial will convince you.

We operate on two forms;you can go for a fixed or combined monthly payment to have unlimited access to our Photo Images or just buy any single photo of your choice.
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