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For professional photos to be accepted and made available for sale,we only accept photos taken with professional cameras and edited through photoshop/lightroom or any other .We do not accept photos taken with cell phones for sale except in an emergency situation and those to be used for the news only.
After editing your photos,upload them through SUBMIT ARTICLE link of our site www.thenews2.com It is on the top right hand side . You will be given a special category with your name after registering on the site and then, always use this category to upload into the site.This is individual and not transferrable.
The photo size should be at least 3000 X 2000 and should always include information like: Description, Tags/Keyword, Country, City, Credit,Date and Your Name/Thenews2, (do not edit the date because we shall need the raw date as to when the picture was shot based on your camera’s date) and then upload…For example:USA/New York/New York Fashion Week-Angelina Julie participates in Victoria’s Secret fashion Show on 2/01/2018.Photo John Clark/Thenews2..

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