7 de junho de 2019

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Neymar of PSG and of Brazilian national soccer team  suffers ankle injury and stays out of continental tournament .He had a sprained right ankle during the match between Brazil and Qatar, played on Wednesday the 5th of June at  Mané Garrincha Stadium in Brasília. The friendly to prepare for the Copa America dispute caused the player to be cut off by Tite the Brazilian team coach  for the competition. Neymar is also cut off from the last friendly match before Copa America against Honduras on June 9th in Porto Alegre.

After a dispute with the opponent, the Brazilian player asked to be replaced in 20 minutes of the game , after the commemoration of the first goal of Brazil against Qatar.He left the stadium still in the first half. The player will undergo medical tests  in the coming days to know the severity of the injury. Fact is that the attacker will spend the next few days with family members at a site he owns in Mangaratiba, Rio de Janeiro, pending a final diagnosis.However,he was recently accused of rape by a Brazilian model and this process is going on as well .

By Thiago Bassan/Thenews2


Photos Niyi Fote /Thenews2


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