13 de Abril de 2019

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New York is popularly known worldwide as the city that never sleeps and also tourists haven who are desperate to come over to tour and explore the city.That being correct,it also has its problems like heavy traffic, some homeless seen in and around the city to mention but a few and on Friday April the 12th,a scence that caught the attention of many including many like me ,some people and mainly,police cops.Two or three women were involved in a  fight on 34th street between 6th and 7th Avenue exactly in front of Skechers store.What actually led to the incidence is still a mystery to me as I was passing by almost at the end of the fight and I tried to get information from the police but to no avail as they refused to let me know even after identifying myself as a journalist.However,I was asked to call up the Deputy commissioner office to get information and I will update you guys more on the incidence as soon as I get more details .What was really astonishing was the quantity of police cops,cars and one or two ambulances at the scene.Two of those involved in the fight were taken away by an ambulance and one other woman in a police car.So,if you are curious about more information,then,keep in touch and I will furnish you with more details  as soon as we get them.Check out the video and pictures below.

By Niyi Fote/Thenews2



Photos Niyi Fote/Thenews2


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