23 de Março de 2019

Jair Bolsonaro leaving Blair house

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The Brazilian President,Jair Bolsonaro and some ministers made an official 3- day visit to the USA to improve Brazilian image outside their country. Bolsonaro;”Trump of South America,” as considered by some, was able to make an impressive impact during his visit even though there were protests by some Brazilians and others in front of the White House right on the first day on Sunday 17th of March.He arrived at Blair house at around 4.40pm on Sunday and at around 7.30pm, had dinner offered by the Sergio Amaral,Brazilian Ambassador to the US in Washington.  On Monday the 18th,he participated and gave a speech during Brazil Day conference at US chamber of commerce in Washington with some ministers like Ernesto Araújo of Foreign Relations,Paulo Guedes of Economy and others and also Brazilian Ambassador all speaking on the growing economic ties and the new beginning for US-Brazil relations during this new era of Trump and Bolsonaro. Some agreements were signed during the conference.He spoke about the accident he had ;the stabbing and how he won the presidential elections with God on his side.

It is important to note that Bolsonaro’s visit was faced with many protests both against and also in favor.Some protesters were chanting “Ele Nao” “Not Him” with many signs and banners to bring home their points right in front of the White House where he was scheduled to meet US President Donald Trump on Tuesday the 19th, some protesters used the opportunity to ask for the release of the former Brazilian President,Lula and demanded answer as to the death of gay councillor Marielle Franco and at the same time, some Brazilians were chanting “Ele Sim” and “Mito” to show their support and love for the President in front of Blair House where the president and his team where staying. Bolsonaro has been able to command both hatred and love among Brazilians both in Brazil and outside.This is almost like Trump in the US.They both have many things in common.They called for “fake news”  ready to solve illegal  “immigrants”  problem ,they think of their countries first before other things, they speak against homosexuality, against abortion, in favor firearms possession ,in fact, they both speak what they think about any situation without being politically correct.

On his last day,Bolsonaro met with Trump at the White House on Tuesday the 18th of March at around 12pm .There were some jerseys exchange between the two presidents and then at around 1.45pm,there was a press conference.Bolsonaro now made visa free for US,Canada,Australia and Japan.This perhaps is to allow tourists from these countries to come easily to Brazil and thus promoting good economic boom for Brazil.This gesture however hasn’t motivated US or the other three countries to do the same ;visa free for Brazil.However,time will tell. Immediately after the meeting at the White House,Bolsonaro headed for the Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia state and getting there at around 2.30pm he participated in laying of flower.

And at around 5pm,he had a meeting with North American religious leaders  before he finally departed for Brazil at around 9.45pm.

According to some,this visit has been a very successful one and time will actually tell .It is worthy to point out that Jair Bolsonaro was elected President of Brazil in October 2018,with 57,797,847 votes (55.13% of the Brazilian electorates). His political career started in 1988, after winning a seat as municipal councilman in Rio de Janeiro.Then in 1990,he won the first seven executive terms as a federal deputy. In 2014,he was the most voted candidate for federal deputy with 464,565 votes in Rio de Janeiro.Jair Bolsonaro was born in Campinas (São Paulo) on March 21,1955. He is married to Michelle and they had Laura his youngest daughter.He has four other sons ,Flavio,Carlos,Eduardo;all politicians and Renan. Jair graduated from the Military Academy of Agulhas Negras (AMAN) in Resende,Rio de Janeiro in 1977 and finished his military skydiving course in the Rio de Janeiro Paratrooper Brigade.Up till today,he is still  Captain of Brazilian Army Reserve.

By Niyi Fote/Thenews2.



Photos Niyi Fote/Thenews2


Protest in front of the white house

Demanding freedom of  Lula, Former Brazilian President


Demanding answer to the death of gay councillor

Brazilian President and his team leaving Blair house for the white house

Brazilian President and his team leaving Blair house for the white house
Arrival at the white house
Brazilian President speaking during Brazil day in Washington

Paulo Guedes Minister of Finance
Signing of agreement

Jair Bolsonaro visiting Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia State

Supporters of Jair Bolsonaro at Arlington National cemetery

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