3 de Fevereiro de 2019

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Brazilian famous actor and singer Sebah Vieira who has been adding up success after  success with his works was recently invited to be featured in the 3rd Africa Car of the samba school “Aguia de Ouro” of the special school representing freedom of the people. Sebah is widely known among the entertainment world and also has his own float that parades in the carnival festival in Sao Paulo.And this year, his special guest Xuxa the Queen, will be performing to the delight of fans and music lovers. Xuxa is a well known Brazilian TV host of Dancing Brasil and also a singer.”I was happy with the invitation, because freedom has everything to do with the moment that I am living in my career. Freedom to create, to speak and to make bigger jumps in my works, ” said the actor.Apart from all these, Sebah will also be honored during the carnival of Sao Paulo as the “Imperador” meaning “Emperor”of the “Banda do Fuxico”, that completes 19 years.

By Niyi Fote/Thenews2/USA



Photos Eduardo Martins/Publication







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