10 de dezembro de 2018

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The 41st president of the United States of America,George H W Bush died on Friday,November 30th at the age of 94 in his hometown Houston Texas.He was with some members of his family and some friends before his death.The news quickly spread around and touched everyone and plans were immediately made for his funeral services in Washington DC and his hometown.That first week of December was very busy in the US as everything was affected by the death of the 41st President.The 45th President of US,Donald J Trump, who was at the G20 summit in Argentina was invited as well as some of the living ex Presidents.This invitation of Trump was really contrary to that of  Senator John Mccain’s funeral in which Trump wasn’t invited.

On December 3rd afternoon, the motorcade with the body of late George H W Bush arrived at the Capitol  Rotunda.People lined up the streets around the Capitol waving, screaming and shouting while the motorcade passed by.There were tight security and some roads were blocked to make this easy.His body was then laid in the Rotunda and congressmen and later the public were able to see and pay their last tributes to the late President.There were long lines of people for the two days and in the morning of the 5th of December, a funeral service was held at the Washington National Cathedral, with the presence of some important people like Emmanuel Macron,French President,Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany,ex Presidents Barack Obama and wife,Bill Clinton and wife,Jimmy Carter and wife, actual US President Donald Trump and wife,Vice President Mike Pence and other congressmen.There were farewell speeches made by George H W Bush’s family members including his first son,43rd President of US,George W Bush,James Baker,George H W Bush’s Chief of Staff and his best friend among others.

It was an opportunity for the ex presidents and actual president to get together and put off their differences.Donald Trump and wife sat beside Obama and wife,Bill Clinton and wife and Jimmy Carter. But, the left wing media made a big noise about this funeral service by criticizing Donald Trump for not reading from the given out guide and not greeting the other ex presidents.He greeted only Obama and wife.For me, this wasn’t necessary as the attention should be on George H W Bush and not on criticizing Trump.It seems the media doesn’t want to give Trump a break.It is even difficult to understand the left wing media, they just keep criticizing Trump on everything.I believed Trump had done his best regarding the handling of George H W Bush’s funeral.

Immediately after the funeral service at the Washington National Cathedral, the 41st late President’s body was flown to Houston Texas and another memorial service was held for him on the 6th of December at the St Martin’s Episcopal church and after that, his casket was carried in a train, painted to look like Air Force One with his family members and seen by many people during the 70miles journey as  he was finally taken to be buried at George Bush presidential library alongside his wife Barbara and his daughter who died as a child.George H W Bush would always be remembered as a great statesman and a great President .

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Donald Trump,wife,Obama,wife,Bill Clinton,wife,Jimmy Carter,wife
Donald Trump,wife,Obama,wife,Bill Clinton,wife,Jimmy Carter,wife

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