9 de julho de 2018

Dr Rafael Puglisi & girl friend Débora Calabro

Photo Leco Viana/ Thenews2


There was a cocktail party to celebrate 60th anniversay of Guy Puglisi institue at Galleria Bar on July 3rd 2018 in Sao Paulo and principally to announce the X-Smile reality show of Dr Rafael Puglisi to be shown at Record News and also his partnership with Philips Sonicare ..Rafael is the dentist of famous Brazilian people like PSG soccer player -Neymar Jr,TV hosts Rodrigo Faro and Xuxa Meneghel both of Record TV station.There were many other famous people at the party like Rodrigo Faro, Mc Gui,Fabo Arruda,Chiquinho Scarpa and so on and everyone had a wonderful time dancing and having the best time ever.
Rafael was very excited about the reality show and also about a new dentist space to be opened in Los Angeles, he intends to take all his experience around the world to show everybody his expertise in esthetic dentistry.He is the third generation of dentist in his family and has a lot to show to everyone.The cocktail had a special presentation of a singer and DJ to warm up the night.
By Sabrina Sousa





Photos Leco Viana/ Thenews2

Fabo Arruda

Mc Gui

Chiquinho Scarpa

Rodrigo Faro

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