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15 de junho de 2018

Bimbo & Jhonas with Matogrosso

Photo : Pedro Maríngoli



Bimbo & Jhonas received some special guests this week for the recording of their first DVD. The album, which promises a bold and innovative format, will use in its design scripted videos for part of the repertoire. On Monday,11th of June, the group had the honor of welcoming one of the greatest interpreters of the country music: Matogrosso, partner of Mathias. Together, they sang the classic”Pedaço de Minha Vida”, “Piece of My Life”, composed by Mathias and Nascimento. The fantastic scenery of the ruins of the first hydroelectric power plant in Poços de Caldas (MG) served as a location for the unprecedented”Você vai Lembrar”, “You Will Remember”, a beautiful romantic song approved by Bimbo and Jonas Sanches. On Tuesday,June 12th, in Divinolândia (SP), the group had a recording with special participation of Gilberto & Gilmar, this time in a picturesque setting: a roadside sale. The first style of recording in four voices ,was guarânia “Fome de Amor”, one of the greatest hits of the guests. Gilberto & Gilmar also interpreted “Tô vivendo e Achando Bom”, unpublished by J.V. Martins and Jonas Sanches.

The week marked the closing of the recordings of the first phase of the project, in the format of video clips, which also counted on the participation of Duduca & Dalvan. Soon the second phase will be recorded, with the duo showing their quality on stage, in another odd scene. The script and direction of the DVD is by José Renato Castro, responsible for works with great names of the sertanejo and also of other genres.

By Niyi Fote.





Photo: Pedro Maríngoli

Bimbo & Jhonas with Gilberto & Gilmar

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