Truck Drivers in Total Control of Brazil

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Who would have thought that someone else could be in control of a country other the President? Well,that was what happened in Brazil just in the month of May,2018.
Some truck drivers,fed up with the constant increment of petrol fares, decided to start a strike all over the country..Have they ever thought about the side effects of this singular strike? Even though,they wanted their opinions heard,many people were affected by this 9 days Strike..
With their roadblocks all over the country,many stores,gas stations,factories, companies etc were affected.The trucks couldn’t get to their respective destinations,thus affecting sales and businesses of others.The most felt was fuel.Many gas stations were without fuel to sell and thereby creating many line up of cars in different gas stations. Some schools had to be closed down because of this strike. Shortage of buses to and fro’ for the students,some supermarkets ran short of some essential products to sell, problems in some airports, flights cancellations and delays. Despite these problems all around the country, majority of Brazilians still supported the strike.
After almost 8 days of strike,the government was able to come into an agreement with the drivers and decided to reduce petrol price according to the truck drivers’ demand. And this strike situation led to the resignation of Petrobras President,Pedro Parente on June 1st 2018…
It is worth to know that Petrobras is the company responsible for all about petroleum of Brazil.
By Niyi Fote


Photos Niyi Fote/Thenews2


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