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13 de Maio de 2018

Photo Leco Viana /Thenews2

About 60 female golf players are participating in this year 31st International PEE WEE golf cup in Cotia, Sao Paulo from 10th to 12th of May.This competition is valid for World Amateur Golf ranking as well as national one and with the presence of two players from Paraguay who will play against Brazilians.This tournament is a tribute to Yolanda Figueiredo(nicknamed PEE WEE),one of Brazilian famous golf players and golf manager..
The tournament is split in two ways;30 Scratch category players (Handicap Index till 16) competing in 54 stroke play holes from Thursday 10th till Saturday 12th while the other 30 players compete for 36 holes from Friday 11th till Saturday 12th .The players of index 16,1 to 25,7 play Stroke Play modality and those of 25,8 to 31,6 play the Stableford.There would be awards for the first three best placed positions of each of the four categories.
The PEE WEE cup has 5 double players including two Paraguayans Giovanna Fernandez Lopes Index -3,3, number 204th in world golf ranking and Maria Bethania Fernandez index 0,5. Representing Brazil in this tournament are Roberta Moretti Avery of Poços and Ana Sung Marques of Aruja.
This is the first time there is a tournament exclusively for women organized by (SFGC) Sao Fernando Golf Club, with the supervision of (FPG) Federation of Paulista Golf and (WAGR) World Amateur Golf Ranking.
By Niyi Fote


Photos Leco Viana /Thenews2

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