1 de Abril de 2018

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The comedy play presented by Darwin Demarch and Rita Murai changing 7 characters between themselves and with a special participation of Silvetty Montilla ,one of the most well known LGBT person took place at Sala Goulart, Teatro Augusta in Sao Paulo from 1st to 29th of March.The objective was to show the day to day situations of Braziilans.And to make this possible,the actors had to travel around Brazil observing the behaviors of the public and also showing previous and recent characters in their play.The comedy play shows a drunkard with her imaginary friend, who stumbles upon a hippie sect preacher, an assault leaves the audience thoughtful about the material values ​​of life and Sheila a desperate funkeira in search of great love. It’s much more than a spectacle, it’s an experience.The play was about 1hour duration, every Thursday at 9pm with ticket price at R$50 and it was possible to pay half with the presentation of necessary proof.Felipe Paltronieri was responsible for executive production.By Niyi Fote

Photos Leco Viana/ Thenews2

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