31 de Março de 2018

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For lovers of pizza,a new restaurant has just been opened at Av Jurucê,835 Moema neighborhood of Sao Paulo this 28th of March 2018. Waldir Silva, Miriam Nishimura ,Daniel Fernandes and Micheli Fernandes;the owners are responsible for this new restaurant.According to Daniel Fernandes,they decided for something different as principal ingredient of their business by offering delicious pizzas, filled with joy and to color the lives of the people with them.The Pizzas are prepared with “00” Italian wheat flour,made from a weaker grain,which absorbs more water and has a lower gluten content, giving the pasta a significant lightness and ideal aeration in the process of long maturation,thereby resulting in an extraordinary soft and crispy consistency.This is seen in the menu provided by the new restaurant;entrees,salads and more than 25 flavors split into different categories, traditional,special and sweet.It also has varied beverage and options for all tastes.
The restaurant has classic decorations,good environment for social gatherings and meetings for customers, friends and family..
It’s worth mentioning also that the restaurant supports a social cause and thus has a special pizza in its menu.It’s made with delicate heart- shaped pasta, covered with milk chocolate and strawberry chips.All the profits made from this sale go to an NGO “Chefs Especiais” to help people with Down syndrome.
By Niyi Fote

Photos Leco Viana/ Thenews2

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