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19 de Março de 2018

Danilo Gentili,Jojo Todynho & Whindersson Nunes

Photo Gabriel Cardoso/SBT

Whindersson Nunes; Brazilian comedian, is Danilo Gentili’s special guest at tonight’s program of The Noite at SBT television in Sao Paulo.Whindersson will make a Parody of the music ” Que Tiro Foi Esse” meaning,”What gunshot was that?” Both dressed up like Jojo,the real singer of the song who eventually appeared at the end of the program to make satisfactions with her imitators. Whindersson also speaks about his wedding, honeymoon, his surprise about prices of Fernando Noronha,loss of biggest YouTube channel and how much he spends to maintain his jet and how he deals with haters. The Noite program is on air from Monday to Friday at around 12.30am.You can’t miss today’s program.
By Niyi Fote/ Thenews2

Photos Gabriel Cardoso/SBT

Whindersson Nunes  & Danilo Gentili

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