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14 de Março de 2018

Giannini Alencar is the new real sensation of Forro music and no wonder his shows are always full of fans.After passing through many bands,he decided to go on solo 5 years ago and being a multi musician,handsome, talented and charismatic,he is able to use all these in his shows drawing every single day,more fans and people to himself.His music is a mixture of contagious and romantic music that thrill the public wherever he sings and not to forget that he is also a producer and with strong stage presence.
In fact,one of his songs,’Estilo Namorador’ became a big national success in the voice of Wesley Safadao;another famous Brazilian singer. He released a song this year called ‘Sua Amiga Tá de Vela’ singing with Aldair Playboy, which is already a success with more than 20 thousand views on Youtube in the first days

By Niyi Fote



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