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9 de Fevereiro de 2018

Claudia Leitte on stage

Photo Leco Viana/Thenews2

Sao Paulo February 3rd 2018 will never be the same again.It was the carnival of all carnivals in Brazil as thousands of people;fans,gathered together in Caninde stadium in Sao Paulo not to watch any soccer game,but to see what is more than a soccer; Carnival musical shows with famous Brazilian singers,organized by Uol -Carnauol.It is a once in a lifetime show opened by Banda Eva,followed by Marilia Mendonça,Claudia Leitte and ending with presentation of DJ -Vintage Culture.With these great Brazilian singers,you don`t need to worry about the time.Fans were screaming and jumping up as they listened to their favorite singers performing live a week before the real Carnival.It was a show full of people from all walks of life enjoying themselves and forgetting all about their personal problems.You could see how happy and satisfied they were.The show that started around 4.30 pm went on till around 2 am the next day.There were finger food and drinks of course and the weather was favorable-no rain.
By Niyi Fote

Photos Leco Viana/Thenews2

Banda Eva

Marilia Mendonça

Claudia Leitte

Vintage Culture

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