Olla-Carnival 2018 -Brazil

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8 de Fevereiro de 2018

Pabllo Vittar-Brazilian Singer

Photo Leco Vianna/Thenews2


Famous Brazilian singers and artists participated in the Olla show in Sao Paulo this Wednesday 7th of February 2018. Among them were Pabllo Vittar,Lucas Lucco ,Cleo and DJs Ramires & Luiza Viscardi  at Espaço Villa Lobos – Av. Gonçalo Madeira, 209 – Jaguaré, São Paulo and of course with the presence of some fans. Olla is responsible for distribution of condoms during carnival in Brazil.Casa Olla selected these three famous people to represent them during this pre- carnival show in Sao Paulo and promoting their product -Condoms.

By Niyi Fote

Photos Leco Vianna/Thenews2

Lucas Lucco

Pabllo Vittar

Cleo Pires




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