1 de Fevereiro de 2018


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Jehanne Saade, famous international singer, speaks about her latest album “Exotica” in Sao Paulo on Monday 29th 2018 .It took place at Frans Cafe of  Fnac on Paulista Avenue with the presence of some Jornalists who interviewed her taking turns. On my first contact with her,it was easy to notice how humble and simple she is.She came up to me  right from where she was sitting and introduced herself. We greeted each other and then it dawned on me that this is not just an ordinary person or singer,just from the beginning of our little “Pre- interview” conversation.You can see that she has got more to give and contribute to the public than what the naked eyes can see and i didn’t waste time to take advantage of that.She could speak,French,English,a little Arabic,Spanish and of course Portuguese.So,who is this Jehanne? She is the daughter of an Italian and Lebanese parents born in Brazil.She had lived in some countries abroad like Venezuela,France,Switzerland to mention but a few which influenced her musical compositions.Sade Adu, according to her, is her favorite singer.In Exotica album,she sang in Portuguese,French & Spanish.It is a must to listen to.I couldn’t help myself but  got carried away by the rhythm,choice of instruments and musical style used in the album while I listened to it especially the tracks in French  “Je me veux Plus”  and  “Noite” in Portuguese.The songs are very touching as you go along with them,floating until you get to your desired destinations.It is easy to understand the lyrics sung by Jehanne with her captivating and hypnotizing voice.How was she able to do that? Put all her talents and emotions in just one album..Well, it wasn’t  easy according to her.It took her almost a year to get the album done.And one thing so important is that Jehanne has 2 daughters and they are very vital to her and this is reflected in her music.The songs are good for children,youth and adult.There is no age barrier-it is for everyone.And Jehanne’s music is a mixture of everything;Pop,electronic,romantic and so on with the intention to satisfying everyone.For me,she was able to do that and got me carried away too..I love the “Noite” track.It makes me forget about my problem and makes me feel like falling in love with the night.I recommend everyone to get a hold of her album and if possible give to friends and loved ones as gift.You won`t regret that. Watch out soon for our video interview.
By Niyi Fote


Photos Leco Viana/Thenews2

Interview session with Jornalists


 Jehanne with Niyi Fote

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