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25 de Janeiro de 2018

Gilberto Gil at Bar Brahma

Photos Leco Viana/Thenews2


Gilberto Gil,famous Brazilian Popular Music (MPB) musician sings at Bra Brahma during Sao Paulo city 464th Anniversary on January 25th 2018.The event also has other important singers and bands like Vai Vai,a samba school and with the presence of  Alvaro Aoas & Caire Aoas;father and son,owners of Bra Brahma.There were many people at the show on Av Sao Joao enjoying the musical presentation.

By Niyi Fote



 Caire Aoas-Owner of Bra Brahma
Alvaro Aoas (Father) & Caire Aoas (Son)-Owners of Bra Brahma

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