Papa Francisco visits Chile & Peru


Pope Francisco arrives in Lima- Peru .. Photo Erick Matamala / Thenews2

The visit of Pope Francisco was marked by the denunciations of sexual abuse to the members of
 the seminars. Facts that occurred more than 30 years ago.
On the coin with President Michelle, she delivered a speech in which she talked about
 reconciliation, pacification in the indigenous region of Chile called La Araucanía and 
apologized to the church in Chile.Pope is on a three day visit from the 15th to 18th of January 2018.
Thousands of pilgrims awaited the Pope's message in Chile in the wake of the hundreds of
 cases of corruption of the political class, crime and insecurity in which the outgoing 
president will hand over the national state to her successor and elected president,
 Sebastián Piñera.
The Pope sent a message of unity to the nation and his visit, which was framed within the
 protocol of the States, caused an impact on the society that demanded shouting to be 
pronounced in cases of abuse. He noted that Chile has new challenges such as considering the 
concept of inclusion in all areas of development in Chile and also criticized the installation
  of the gender agenda misnamed "Gender Ideology"
Chile: three regions in three days. He arrived in Santiago which is in the center of the country, 
then he moved to the region of Araucanía where he met with the ethnic groups of Chile and spoke of pacification 
and called on the State of Chile to treat all people with dignity
And today he moved to the city of Iquique where he met with pilgrims from three Chilean nations, Bolivians and 
people from southern Peru who traveled to Chile to see their leader. The Pope at this minute is disembarking in 
Lima where there are thousands of Catholics in the most Catholic nation of the continent after Mexico.
Several churches were burned in Santiago and the Araucanía region and this is happening in Peru; doors or fronts
 of churches burned to protest against the visit of the pope in both countries of groups of homosexual 
communities because the Pope does not support the gender agenda in these countries
By Erick Matamala / Thenews2

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