The unforgettable show at Reveillon Na Paulista-Brazil

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2 de Janeiro de 2018

Have you ever thought of listening to your favorite international singers like Bruno Mars,Backstreet Boys, Jason Mraz,Nirvana,U 2 band and others in Pagode or Samba form? Well, there is no other way than with the Brazilian Pagode group called “Sambo”  which opened the New Year‘s Eve event on Paulista Avenue,Sao Paulo at around 8.30pm. They might not be as popular as other singers but,they did thrill and entertained the 1.7 million people that were present at the "Reveillon Na Paulista 2018" with their style.They sang R&B,Rock in Pagode style.In fact,they have the ability and skill to adapt any international songs to Pagode to the delight of their adorable fans who wasted no time in dancing and singing along.It was something different and nice to the ears.And not only that, their main vocalist Hugo Rafael and the drummer Jacques Monastier do speak English.The others are Zé da Paz (voice & percussion) and Julio Fejuca (voice & guitar.)The band members are so simple and humble.They treat their fans like real friends,taking selfie pictures and chatting with each of them at the end of their show.Immediately after, Latino went on stage to the delight of fans of course who started shouting, screaming and singing with him in loud voice to the song “No meu Ape"meaning there is a party today"in my apartment." Latino has a special way to hypnotize his fans and that is, his style of music and dance steps.He is unique in this and you will definitely be carried away .He sang and danced electro, funk,”Forro” and also invited an artist to sing the famous song “DesPacito” and the crowd went wild. And it was the turn of Claudia Leitte who sang last.Even before she got on stage,fans already lined up at the backstage waiting for her to get out of the van.She and her dancers surprised everyone with their dances and she really commanded the show.Everyone was happy  as it got to midnight to the counting of 10 to 1 for the release of the fireworks which lasted for about 15 minutes. It was beautiful to see as people cried,laughed and jumped;greeting each other welcoming the new year 2018.Most of the people were using white. It is worth mentioning also that,Natalia of the Guinness World Records went on stage to announce the new record set in Brazil in which 1277 people jumped at the same time on one leg each and a certificate was given out for that.During her performances,Claudia  surprised a fan whom she invited on stage to take a selfie and hugged him.The fan was so happy.Claudia had convinced the fan to come to her show in Sao Paulo and  not to go to another state for the New Year‘s  Eve celebration. The show was a big success with good security provided by the Police and there was no fatal incidence.

By Niyi Fote

Photos Leco Viana/Thenews2

Sambo Group




Claudia Leitte with Band/Hugging Husband-Marcio Pedreira/Greets Fans/Cross section of people


Police/Cross section of people/Fireworks/Fans on top of  a truck van

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