Fallen Trees caused by “Rainfall” in Sao Paulo

31 de dezembro de 2017

Though Brazil is in Summer right now,there have been lots of rainfall everywhere in the country;causing lots of damages,destruction and floods to mention but a few.This is what happened in a condominium on  Rua Adozinda Lopes , Jardim da Gloria in Cotia city of Sao Paulo state where a tree was uprooted and fell on electric wires affecting the area’s electricity supply,blocking the flow of traffic and passengers.The street inhabitants complained to the Cotia local government and government workers were seen trying to resolve the problem by cutting the trees to free traffic.It is worth mentioning also that, this is so common everywhere in Brazil in this time of season.The Brazilian People complained and keep complaining to the Politicians to do something about this same problem  but there hasn’t been any good solution.This is really sad.The politicians just keep promising and promising but no lasting solution.

By Niyi Fote





Photos Leco Viana

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