Juliana D’Agostini – “The Piano & The Child”

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19 de dezembro de 2017

Juliana D’Agostini,the Brazilian famous Pianist was able to bring together some needy kids in a special presentation called “Piano e a criança” meaning “The Piano and the child” at Sala Sao Paulo on Rua Maua ,51-Luz,Sao Pauo-Brazil.The shows started today the 19th and will go on till the 21st of December.There will be two shows during each presentation at 4pm and 5pm. However,there was only one show today.Juliana played the white Piano which was placed right in front of the local and the kids sang along with Naomy Scholling,the lead vocal.Juliana played some songs alone and after, Naomy and the kids sang some Christmas songs with the cheering and approval from the crowd who filled up the front part of building.Some even sang and danced with smiles on their faces.It was a special Christmas gift to those present.According to Juliana,she feels bad as needy people,especially children who have financial difficulties to study and learn how to play piano and therefore,she ventured into working with needy communities and neighborhoods bringing piano lessons to their doorsteps.And also,the piano lessons start right from the age of four or five years old.She started at this age herself.So,for lovers of music and piano,try and go to this presentation and you won`t regret it.It is a show never to be missed.
By Niyi Fote

Photos Leco Viana/Thenews2


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