Digital Awards 2017 Brazil

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16 de dezembro de 2017

A tribute to people who excelled in the internet and digital market with almost 9 million Internet users, being the second largest market in the world of access through tablets and smartphones, took place on Thursday 14th December 2017 at Elis Regina Auditorium Anhembi,Sao Paulo.It started with musical performance by Maria Gretchen who also went home with an award. The event called Digital Awards 2017 Brazil is divided into 9 categories-Digital Marketing,Sites,Blogs,Youtube,Digital Products, social media, apps, podcast, music and digital innovation.In each one of them the prizes were divided into different areas. In digital marketing, the Prizes were based on excellence on behavior, games, fashion, social projects, and children. For websites and blogs, the best in humor, entertainment, culture and education, and again games, fashion and social projects were considered.It worth to mention that there was competition among the best on Youtube humor channels, entertainment, culture, gastronomy, education, games, fashion and make up and children.In digital products,the search was on those who excelled in the market, personal development, education, innovation and entrepreneurship.For the apps, the digital award prizes were for the best in innovation, excellence and best app of the year. In addition, the 3 most heard podcasts in 2017 and the most downloaded song of the year received awards too. There were also prizes given to those who excel in social media,Facebook,Twitter,Snapchat,Instagram and Musically.There were about 1000 people with cocktail reception.There was a special speech from Luicano Hulk,Globo Tv host through a recorded video and also with the presence of Rede Record TV host,Fabio Porchat receiving an award.High Hills;a female group and Brazilian singer Jao made a special musical performance with dances to the happiness of the guests.
By Niyi Fote


Photos Sabrina Souza

Maria Gretchen sings at Digital awards

Fabio Porchat-Brazilian Tv Host
Fabio Porchat-Brazilian Tv Host

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