Paula Mattos launches her 2nd DVD “Paula Mattos Ao Vivo Em São Paulo”

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17 de novembro de 2017

At the age of 27,Paula Mattos rose from being a composer to stardom.She has made a name as one of the top
female sertanejo singers right from the time she launched her first Acoustic DVD with songs like “Que Sorte a Nossa” and “Rosa Amarela.” And now with the launching of her second DVD “Paula Mattos Ao Vivo em São Paulo” at Olívio Bar ,Vila Madalena,Sao Paulo, with the participation of Marília Mendonça and Maiara and Maraisa;other famous Brazilian Sertanejo singers.This DVD brings repertoire of romantic songs and dancing rhythm to satistfy and liven up the fans this spring.Just in two years of her singing career and with more than 170 million visualization,Paula Mattos is known as the author of a series of hits with some different Brazilian (Sertenajo) country music Artists like Henrique and Juliano, Wesley Safadão, Luan Santana, Gusttavo Lima, Matheus and Kauan, Simone and Simaria, Marília Mendonça, Maiara and Maraisa, Naiara Azevedo, Thaeme & Thiago, Michel Teló, Marcos & Belutti, João Neto and Frederico, Cristiano Araújo, Zé Felipe, Leonardo, Edson and Hudson, Munhoz and Mariano, Band Malta, Pablo and Airplanes Do Forro to mention but a few
By Niyi Fote

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