Healthy Pink Walk in Americana City

24 de outubro de 2017

In an effort to call the public attention to “Breast Cancer” and its danger,a healthy pink walk was organized in Americana city;Sao Paulo,in the morning of 22nd of October 2017.This was the 7th edition targeting around 8,000 people and even with the rainfall,the expected number was almost reached with more than 7.200 people in attendance.There were many important people that participated in the event like Fernanda Meneghel the founder and organizer;the first lady of Sao paulo state-Lu Alckmin to mention but a few.It was all pink day as most of the women walked along Avenida Brasil in their objective..In fact,October is declared Pink Month in Brazil with some important public buildings showing pink color in support of awareness to breast cancer among women.
By Niyi Fote

Photos Leco Viana


Fernanda Meneghel
Fernanda Meneghel
Lu Alckmin-1st lady of Sao Paulo with Fernanda (Right)

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