1st Oktoberfest & later Brooklinfest in Sao Paulo

29 de setembro de 2017

The first oktoberfest started in Sao Paulo today September 29th 2017 and goes on till October 8th and with the expected presence of more than 100,000 people at Anhembi Sambodrome. This is a German festival that originally started 200 years ago in Germany and now spreading to many countries around the world.In Brazil,this festival is always been celebrated in the south of the country where you have many German descendants.There would be lots of beer,sausages,German dances,culture and outfits..Also, with the Brazilian musical performances of Michel Teló, Cidade Negra and Banda Eva.You will need to get a ticket to participate in the festival ranging from R$100 to R$150;except on October 4th and 5th when you can get the ticket for R$40.The festival is opened from 2pm to 10pm during the week and from 12pm to 11pm on weekends.
Immediately after Oktoberfest,you will have Brooklinfest:free for all;organized by AEMB (aemb.org.br) starting from the 21st till 22nd of October in the following streets of Joaquim Nabuco,Princesa Isabel,Barao de Triunfo and Bernardinho de Campos;all in the neighborhood of Brooklin,Sao Paulo. About 200,000 people are expected from 10am to 10pm on the two days.The Governor of Sao Paulo,Geraldo Alckmin is expected at the festival.There will be Muisic,food,artefacts,cinema,expositions,theatre,circus,Literature,history and sport to mention but a few.The theme of this 23rd brooklinfest is “Mauerfall” fall of the wall.This is a good opportunity for families and friends getting together at Anhembi and later on in Brooklin.
By Niyi Fote

Photos Leco Viana/Thenews2

Communication Staff of Mercedes Benz
Communication Staff of Mercedes Benz

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