Brazilian President won`t resign even after Bribery Scandal

20 de Maio de 2017

At around 7pm Wednesday May 17,2016, a report made by Globo news was made available to the public that Michel Temer,Brazilian President was trying to silence the jailed Ex President of the Chamber of Deputies of Brazil,Eduardo Cunha not to reveal some vital information that could prejudicate him and other political allies..According to Joesley Batista, owner of JBS world biggest Brazilian company in meat business, he pays Eduardo Cunha, a specific amount of money ,monthy to keep him silent from revealing any vital information against the President .Joesly was at the President house in Brasilia in April and he recorded all their conversations with the help of the Brazilian Police.Immediately the news spread around,many Brazilians protested almost in all parts of the country including in front of the Presidential palace in Brasilia.Some were peaceful and others very destructive and Police arrests
The next day,the President made a public pronouncement saying that he won`t resign as some politicians wanted.He said he will wait and see what comes out from the investigation..He believes,this is Political strategy by his opponents to destroy him…The week has been favorable and also damaging he confesses in his speech.Brazil is passing through a good economic period but at the same time,there is this scandal.
This situation affected the stock market;dollar was high and the image of Brazil outside the country was really bad….There is big corruption in Brazil involving mostly about 1800 Politicians.The two Ex-Presidents of Brazil (PT party)-Lula and Dilma, two Presidential candidates of PSDB Political Party-Jose Serra and Aecio Neves are among the paid Politicians according to Joesley. He said,he paid about R$500,000,000.00 (Reais) helping many political parties in their electoral campaigns and even opened foreign banking accounts for some .
With this confessions and collaboration with the Brazilian Police,Joesley and his brother got a special treatment and won`t go to jail but would have have to return more than 11 Billion reais (5.8% of the company`s profit of 2016) to the Brazilian government..
By Niyi Fote

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