Blizzard in Northeastern States of USA

14 de Março de 2017

States in the Northeastern parts of USA are faced with Blizzard since early morning of Tuesday 14th,2017.It could be one of a kind as the weather projection estimated at around 10 to 22 inches in some of these states.People are told to stay at home and not venture into any driving or traveling to avoid any danger or accidents.However,two people died a day before in Milwaukee- Wisconsin while cleaning snow.It started snowing in Washington DC one day earlier and this has spread to other parts of the Northeastern area of USA.More than 8,000 flights were canceled all around these states,schools,stores,companies closed and few cars and people on the streets.There are some plowing trucks removing and clearing snowflakes to give ways to easy car movements.Winds hitting between 50 mph to 60 mph. Rail traffic affected and about 15 million Americans would be affected with this blizzard.The snow would go on till early Wednesday morning and the inches continue to increase gradually in some of these places-Pennsylvania,Philadelphia, Ohio,New York,West Virginia,Maine,Massachusetts and others.
By Niyi Fote

Empty Street with no one Photo Niyi Fote
Empty Street with no one
Photo Niyi Fote

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