Brazilian Carnival 2017

3 de Março de 2017

Carnival is one of the holidays Brazilians love as they have long days to have fun,dance,sing,drink,eat and love.Yes,i mean,it`s one of the best for them.This is all over the country from Sao Paulo to Rio de Janeiro ,Recife and Bahia.This year carnival started officially from February 24 till 28,2017.Though,Bahia continues even after these dates. Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro have Carnival schools` parades from the 24th till 25th and from the 26th till 27th respectively.
Dragoes da Real in the video above won the second position in Sao Paulo though with a tie with Tatuape having same points 269.7,but lost the first position because of the Samba lyrics. Vai vai got the third position.It`s worth to note that,Tatuape was the vice champion the previous year.People parades all over the streets of Brazil,getting together with their loved ones using costumes and different fantasies.There are floats principally in the northeastern part of the country where there are no schools parades like in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Many famous Brazilians participate in carnival and even foreigners.It`s the best country to celebrate carnival.If you miss this year,try and make it the coming year as you won`t regret it.
By Niyi Fote

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