Congressman Ted P.Budd Sworn in at Capitol Hill

4 de Janeiro de 2017

The 115th session of the Congress took place on 3rd of January 2017 with the swearing in of newly elected and reelected congressmen at the US Capitol Hill in Washington Dc.Among them is Congressman Ted P.Budd from North Carolina;married to Amy Kate and has three children, Joshua, Kathryn and Macy.He is a businessman who has never run for Political office and was raised on a cattle and commercial chicken farm in Davie County.He and his family are members of Harvest Bible Chapel where they serve and worship God.Ted is a graduate of Appalachian State University, and holds a Masters in Business Administration from Wake Forest University where he was recognized as Mentor of the Year, and a Masters in Educational Leadership from Dallas Seminary.He is a very simple and cool guy who was very friendly with everybody including the Press.I was even able to take a selfie with him.He is someone you can approach and get closer to.This is really good and nice when you talk of politicians.People want and need people like this.That`s what it means to represent the people.No wonder,he was seen with members of his family and loved ones having photoshoots in a friendly atmosphere after the swearing in,outside the Capitol Hill.It was such a lovely thing and how happy and motivating to see him with members of his family and loved ones..It was also a day for the reelection of House Speaker-Paul Ryan for another term in office.The Vice President Joe Biden was also present at the session with the swearing in.
By Niyi Fote

Photos by Niyi Fote

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