“Attempts of looting in various parts of the country. Situation aggravated by lack of cash. New tickets do not appear,” denounced the president of the Parliament, the opponent Henry Ramos Allup, in its account on Twitter.

In Maracaibo (west), the country’s second largest city, groups of people protesting about lack of cash faced the police throwing stones at them.

And in Maturín, the capital of Monagas (east), dozens of people protested about the lack of cash and closed one of the main avenues of the city.

“I went through the market and everything was militarized. They pulled out a chicken truck and a group of old men were at the bank door protesting because they want cash,” Juan Carlos Leal, a farmer from Maturín, told AFP.

Meanwhile, in the coastal city of Puerto la Cruz, Anzóategui (east) “people were upset because they wanted to take money from the bank and they did not let them,” explained Genesis, a worker at a bakery in the city.

“To calm the uproar, the police fired into the air and they all left and ordered to close stores,” said Genesis, who asked not to give his last name for fear of reprisals.

On Twitter, protests in states such as Bolívar (south), Merida, Táchira and Zulia (west) were multiplied, many of them through the citizen journalism website Reporte Ya.

In Santa Barbara, Barinas, local media reported that a group of people tried to beat a truck carrying money and that the drivers would have fired, leaving four injured.

The opposition deputy Antonio Barreto Sira said that “tense situations” were generated in El Callao, Tumeremo and San Félix (Bolivar state) and shared photos where you see a group of people breaking the entrance of a trade and trying to enter the force .

The withdrawal in just three days of the 100 bolivars ($ 0.15), the highest value and circulation in the country, was ordered by Maduro to end alleged so-called “mafias” that were mainly held in Colombia, closed until Sunday Just like Brazil.

Although the president announced that the exit of circulation of the ticket would coincide with the progressive entrance of a new monetary cone, for the moment there is no trace of the first promised coins of 10, 50 and 100 bolivars nor of the 500 notes.

The various manifestations were captured and disseminated in social networks, especially those in Maracaibo.

Erick Hinojosa Matamala
Erick Hinojosa Matamala

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